Marijuana Incarceration Rates by Race

Guest blog submission by the Law Offices of Michael S Rothman, who recently published a resource detailing marijuana incarceration rates by race and the financial impact marijuana legalization could have.

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Pussy Riot Fearlessly Publicizes Human Rights Abuse in Women’s Prisons

A comparative analysis of female incarceration and human rights


Putin’s Ban on U.S. Adoption: A Poorly Designed Diversion

Russia passed a bill early this year banning all United States adoptions of Russian children in response to America’s Magnitsky Act, which imposed travel and financial restrictions on Russian officials suspected of human rights violations. To justify the bill, President Putin has cited the tragic deaths of a few Russian orphans adopted into the U.S. However, the bill and its justifications have received much criticism in both countries leaving open the question of whether Putin’s reasoning leads to a different purpose altogether.


Patriot Games: Is Domestic Legislation Dooming America’s Russian “Reset” Policy?

Recent laws targeted at Russia have put a big chill on America’s “reset” policy towards relations with Russia. Russia and the United States must resist partisan politics, reset the “reset,” and collaborate as strategic partners to advance common policy goals and ensure long-term improvements in U.S.-Russian relations.


Line Drawing in a Time of Change

The United States lags behind world trends in refusing to retroactively apply ameliorative changes in the law for criminal offenders


The E.U.’s Super-Judicial Privacy Regulation Agency: Establishing an international standard for cyber data privacy

The European Commission is expanding its authority in order to protect citizens’ right to online privacy, but in the process is infringing on other sovereign states’ jurisdiction and is making it harder for technological innovators to operate in the E.U.

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