Join Our Staff (in the future)

Thank your for your interest in joining the Law & Global Justice Forum team.  Unfortunately, we are not currently accepting new staff.

We anticipate undergoing another search for staff members in January, 2013.  See below for staff positions and check back regularly for updates.

If you would like to submit a piece for consideration as a guest-author, please email


Position Descriptions

Executive Board

Managing Blog Editor

The Managing Blog Editor oversees everything that happens on this side of the organization. If there are problems that arise between staff members, the Managing Editor works to resolve them. This editor sets up and manages the publishing schedule, ensuring that everyone submits their pieces on time and works through any bumps when the process does not go smoothly. They also are the last eyes to check each piece before it is published – doing a final edit/read-through and then sending it along to the Publishing Editor. The Managing Editor of the Blog also usually checks for any mistakes once the piece has been formatted and posted to the website before it is publicly visible. On the Exec Board, the Managing Editor of the Blog keeps the board updated on the blog’s progress and strategizes with the Board on future steps for the organization.

Managing Articles Editor

The Managing Article Editor ensures that articles are collected and vetted, that a publication timeline is created, and that the articles are edited according to the standards of the organization. The Managing Articles Editor also plays a key role in assembling the article editing staff, primarily through the editing process. They are not responsible for editing each piece, but rather responsible for ensuring that each piece is edited correctly. The Managing Articles Editor ensures that the organization as a whole is up to date on the articles process.

Communications Chair

The Communications Chair is the key coordinator between the Forum and the other global justice related organizations on and off campus. These major organizations include our Center for Law and Global Justice, the various student groups (International Law Society, Equal Justice Society, and the Global Justice Advocacy Program), and the local social justice community. This position would be ideal for someone who is a member or has participated in one or more of the following groups (ILS, SLGJ, GJAP, or the Forum).

The Communications Chair will attend the entire Center for Law and Global Justice faculty meetings as a representative of our student group. This will include attendance at both the Summer Programs meetings as well as the general Center subcommittee meetings each semester. The Communications Chair will also oversee the implementation of the Summer Abroad Program Blog Writing Project. Another major aspect of the position involves working closely with the other student groups, particularly ILS and GJAP, to ensure that the Forum is a fully informed participant in any school event or opportunity related to our mission. The Chairperson will organize the informational meetings and student group fairs including the 1L fair in the fall and the Newly Admitted Student Reception in the spring. Finally, the collaboration chair will continuously look for new ways to gather article and blog content both on and off campus.


Junior Board

Article Editor

Article Editors are responsible for managing the editing process of one specific article. In addition to completing their own editing responsibilities, Article Editors manage a team of staff editors through an in-depth review of the article. They coordinate with the Managing Article Editor to establish a timeline for macro and micro edits, and then delegate specific editing assignments to their staff editors to achieve those objectives.

Staff Editor

Staff Editors are the ground floor of the article editing process. Working with Article Editors and under the direction of the Managing Editor, Staff Editors review LGJF’s full-length articles to ensure proper grammar, spelling, and syntax as well as proper use and citation of sources. Staff Editors are essential in helping the article author to convey their ideas clearly and without error. Time management and accountability to deadlines are paramount to this position.

Content Editor

Content Editors are responsible for guiding the editing process for blog pieces, supporting their staff-writers, and fostering relationships with guest contributors. In addition, Content Editors write blog pieces of their own. Content Editors are key to maintaining the quality of the blog, both technically and substantively, ensuring everything from proper BlueBook citation to effective communication with authors.

Staff Writer

A staff-writer writes 3 blog pieces (500-1000 words each) per semester about any issue, international or domestic, with an emphasis towards the global implications. Blog pieces might highlight a legal issue that would otherwise fly below the radar, it might compare different countries’ approach to a particular legal issue, or it might do something else entirely. Blog pieces incorporate a variety of primary, secondary, and media sources to bolster and inform their argument. Each blog piece undergoes a rigorous editing process, guided by the Content Editor, during which it is reviewed for both substance and style. The final result is a piece that the author, the editor, and the Forum is proud of!